I Can't Wait!

by These Estates

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Six-song EP by guitar rock band from Regina, SK. Recorded in five days - two were spent recording guitars, bass and drums live off the floor, two were spent doing vocals, one was spent doing gang vocals and a single keyboard overdub on "We Got Snakes."

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released October 1, 2009

Recorded in Feb. 2009 by These Estates ver. 1.5.1 (John Cameron, Marshall Burns, Johnny Amore, Ian Cameron). Recording, mixing and mastering by Orion Paradis, Soul Sound Studios, Regina, SK. Album art by Graeme Zirk. Gang vocals by the World's Greatest Dad Choir. Released on Urban Planning Records, Oct. 2009.

John Cameron - Vox/guitar/keys
Marshall Burns - Guitar/vox
Johnny Amore - Bass/vox
Ian Cameron - Drums




These Estates regina

We used to be a four-piece and play power-pop-ish stuff. Nowadays we're a three-piece and everything's a little riffier and it sounds more midrangey. There's probably a metaphor for living in Regina somewhere in there.

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Track Name: I Can't Wait
I can't wait.

I can't wait for the day when I finally arise, wipe the mud and the piss from my face and I cry, "Oh God, you've given me sight. I swear I will pay back this debt in time but I am weak." And the Lord will split the sky and with a million voices She will reply, "My son, I've given you life, this is goodbye." 'Til then my mistakes are mine, but I can't wait.

I can't wait.
Track Name: He Said She Said
I started with a grimace, you started with a smile. You said, "It doesn't hurt yet." And I said, "Wait a while." I told you that I loved you. You told me, "Don't say that." You called me naïve, and I called you old hat.

And there are so many things that I haven't seen, and you're the closest to so many of 'em I will ever be.

You told me you were worried, I said, "My love's intact." You said that it's a theory, but I told you it's a fact. I told you that I loved you, you told me, "Don't say that again." I asked you if you loved me too, and you said, "That depends."

It looks to me like you could use just a little cheer, and there's a man who loves you and he could pull it off right here.
Track Name: Anachromance
Time is not a finished tapestry! We can work our fingers in the dye of history.

The cassette tape took its last breath face down in a shallow grave; the album's reading its epitaph at the dawn of the digital age. "Stay alive," it says. "Don't get obsolete." The album feels its middle, figures out that its filler is pretty weak. I know what it's thinking to itself - "How do I get back to a point where I feel good about my health?"

So what have we learned today? If you love a format, don't let it fade away. All the albums that I love gather dust on the shelf, and as far as you're concerned I should listen to myself. Put your name on the records on the sleeves beside the tracks, so when I'm looking at the songs that remind me of you, you'll be staring back. I'll put your heart in all the mixtapes, all the soundtracks to my life: songs cut with humour and metaphor, meant to get you high as a kite on increasing doses of my worldview. These songs were meant for a singular "you," somebody different. Somebody new. The first time we touched, talked. A new needle to stick in my arm and make me feel like if I could spin your heart again and again I could figure out what gives it its lasting appeal.
Track Name: We Got Snakes
There is a chill, a blast, a scale, a note, the aftermath. We'll put our feelings in the past and to the door we'll beat a path. Even if we arrive too late, it doesn't matter. There are no brakes. So look around, and say, "Oh, great," 'cause all we've ever had is snakes.

We got snakes.

Another locking door? We'll use our limbs. We'll use our force, and if it fails just like before we'll just let nature take its course. I'll slit my eyes, you'll slit your tongue, two animals become one. Above us, wires from rafters hung, but watching us, they're loose. They're gone.

We got snakes. We got snakes, for God's sake. For God's sake, we got snakes.

Feel me coil around your bones, making nests and making homes, emanating glorious tones so now you'll never feel alone. "And so long after I am dead, and your old mournful skin has shed, you will abandon all your dread and simply face the sky," I said.

Feel me coil and wrap myself around, making brand new sounds that shine like gold. Feel my spirit pass through the emergency glass. Feel new life! Feel bold!
Track Name: American Lover
American lover, come over tonight. Don't sit on the fence and fret, you know it just isn't right. You've got plenty of problems, but don't run and hide. If you let them build up at your door, then they're liable to burst inside.

American lover, don't draw me a line, dare me to cross it and, when I refuse, just say, "Fine." I don't really need this! I know that you're strong. All I am asking is if we could please just get along.

Elliott Spitzer; oh, Hudson's Bay; oh, you KGB agents who all disappeared or defected to the CIA; oh, all of you gentlemen, we have one common bond. We all had American lovers and then we got caught.

American lover...

Call me a bastard. Call me a slave. Call me wicked, wild and violent. Call me depraved. Call me an angel. Call me on the phone. Call me the best fuck you ever had and ask when I'm coming home.

I'll let you know.
Track Name: Regrets
Goddamn your breath, fuck the hair on the back of my neck. They have conspired against me. Smoke curls from your lips. I can read signals but I never learned that many.

I have regrets, a list as long as my face, but keep talking. I'll give your partner some space to tell me how great you are. Keep your alibi straight so you can leave when you want to.

If good men get their just rewards, I'll fold my hands and I'll ask the Lord to let true love conquer petty things: a father's words, a diamond ring. But for now, you're parked out of Her holy sight at his mortgaged home every Friday night. I wish I knew the way I felt before you were with someone else.

I wish I knew the way I felt before you were with someone else.

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