Soiled Hands b​/​w Autumn in a Foreign Country

by These Estates

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Victoria Martinez
Victoria Martinez thumbnail
Victoria Martinez Gotta love Regina boys. Favorite track: Soiled Hands.
Conan Neutron
Conan Neutron thumbnail
Conan Neutron Silkworm/Bottomless Pit-esque without being rip-offy at all. Watch these Canadians, watch 'em well. Favorite track: Soiled Hands.
Patrick Book
Patrick Book thumbnail
Patrick Book I love the a-side of this single but the b-side WRECKS me every time. They take their time between releases but one of Regina's best bands reinvents itself in dramatic fashion here. Read more at Sound Salvation Army: Favorite track: Autumn in a Foreign Country.
Emilio Porras
Emilio Porras thumbnail
Emilio Porras sadly deceased band from the flattest and coldest Canadian plains. The b-side has a couple of my favourite lyrics ever penned. Favorite track: Autumn in a Foreign Country.
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Performed at the Camerons', 21/02/11. Recorded by Michael Easton. Mixed by Mason Pitzel. Eight microphones were used; vocals were overdubbed.


released February 3, 2012

John Cameron (g,v) Ian Cameron (dr) Mason Pitzel (b)




These Estates regina

We used to be a four-piece and play power-pop-ish stuff. Nowadays we're a three-piece and everything's a little riffier and it sounds more midrangey. There's probably a metaphor for living in Regina somewhere in there.

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Track Name: Soiled Hands
I wanna read your name in the headlines
with a lede that says, "He said, 'She said she wouldn't be mine.'"
And up above the eight-point uppercase byline
there's a picture of me, and I'm being led outside

You've been awfully quiet since he came around
but I'm keeping tabs on you, got my ear to the ground,
and what I hear is you're the talk of the town
but I knew that already. I'm keeping my ears to the ground.
His lips are lavish with your praise, he seems
totally sincere and you are kind of amazed he
hasn't gone ghost like Swayze;
in fact, his permanence is driving me kinda crazy.

Was Regina too cold for you to handle last night?
Did you find someone who would give you a light
and a hand, and some words, and a ride, and a kiss?
You know, it's moments like this that I'm gonna miss.
And every step past an alleyway's a step that I fear,
'Cause every sound is your name, and it's the last name I wanna hear –
But at the same time, I could go on hearing it all night.

There's something kinda crazy about it;
Yeah, I think I'm in love. No, I wouldn't even doubt it –
wanna go up to the rooftops and shout it.
And if I can't live with it, he can live without it.
It's Sunday night, there's nothing to do. I better
pour myself a stiff drink and get some pictures of you.
And what you're feeling is the turn of the screw;
I'm not sure if I'm tight enough but, hey, I think it'll do.

Was Regina too cold for you to handle last night?

I read about the evils of drinking, so I quit
And when I saw your name made the phone start ringing
I picked it up, said "I'm gonna miss you" without even thinking
Of anything except his cum on your sheets
And when you asked what was wrong I had to lie through my teeth.
You said I sounded so fatalistic, well –
I'll show you fatalistic
Track Name: Autumn in a Foreign Country
Light in the afternoon is as cold as the light at the start of the day.
I can hear the sirens calling, calling, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny...
Wake up
From the strangest dream.
The last eight months hadn't happened and you were alive
and breathing beside me.

It's been some time since I really felt fine,
And I have said some stupid shit in the meantime.
Just don't know how I can be expected to keep living my life.
You know, it's been so long, but it still feels wrong
Trying to listen to conventional love songs. You know?
It's times like these I'm finding I could use somebody to lean on,
Who'll tell me, "We got it.

"We got it covered,
like you wouldn't believe.
We know you need some time,
alone, at peace."

It's times like these I'm finding I could use somebody to lean on,
Who'll tell me, "We got it."

It's times like these I'm finding I could use somebody to lean on,
Who says, "Lean on me,
when you're not strong."

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